* List of the TRC members

General Rules :
No mode or band limitation. No cross-mode or cross-band allowed. QSOs with fixed, portable and mobile stations are OK. QSOs with /AM and /MM stations are not allowed. You should send a dated and signed copy of your log, showing for each contact the date, time, callsign, frequency, mode, report sent/received. In case of doubt, the decision of the Award Manager is final.

– Ordinary Mail – Europe = 5 IRC’s, Other Continents = 6 IRC’s

– Recomended Priority Mail – Europe = 7 IRC’s, Other Continents = 8 IRC’s

Please send your application along with the fees to the TRC Award Manager:
Aleko Iglev
ul. Hristo Botev 49
6137 Koprinka

* The best way is application with contacts details via e-mail: trc_awards@trcdx.org and PayPal payment via: trc_awards@trcdx.org

– award via E-mail (electronic format, ready for quality print ) = 2.5 euro or equivalent – (just to cover bit checking the logs and personalized the awards)

– Ordinary Mail – Europe = 5 euro or equivalent, Other Continents = 7 euro or equivalent

– Recomended Priority Mail – Europe = 7 euro or equivalent, Other Continents = 9 euro or equivalent

* If you want to receive more than one award in the same package, please ask for additional information.

*Please, all TRC members all over the World to send us a reports ( Logs in Cabrillo format ) with the contacts they have made. Please do that if possible every end of each month. Tnx !